Module 3 – Revision and important words

In Module 3 you’re going to:
• revise days and months,
• spell important words like appointment, yesterday, tomorrow, morning, afternoon, evening, o’clock etc,
• strengthen your ability to spell days and months confidently.

Important common words you need to learn: today
last night
The day after tomorrow
The night before.
Use the Look Say Cover Write Check method to help you learn these words (see video below) Also go to the exercise section and do the exercises and spelling test
Now double click on the Word or PDF Module 2 workbook below. Print off the worksheets and do them. You don’t have to do them all in one go. A little bit every day is good.

If you can’t print them off then copy from the screen. Also you can do some on the computer too. But it’s best if you print the sheets off. I have included a PDF copy that can’t be altered or typed on so you can print it off again and again. The Word document can be typed on.

 Double click on the blue link to download your Module 3 Workbook.

*Keep doing the online exercises & spelling tests.*