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Do you want to spell
days, months & numbers correctly and confidently?

Do you feel like an idiot for not being able to spell days and months?

Spending time stressing over how to spell a day and a month can drive you crazy, put you off sending that important email or losing out on interviews or a job.

What if you put Thesday? Do you mean Tuesday or Thursday?

Knowing how to spell days and months confidently and correctly is very important, especially when writing emails, making appointments, remembering that interview date, writing letters, reports and notes to your colleagues, your kids, your kid’s school, doctor’s, etc, etc…

  • What if you can spell these without tearing your hair out?
  • What if you can spell them straight away without stress?

You can.

Do you want to stop feeling like an idiot?

Are you prepared to get that brain working and boost your self-esteem and confidence?

In this self-study Back to Basics course you’re going to:
• spell days, months & numbers with confidence, and spell them correctly;
• learn the difference between spelling & pronunciation of days, months and numbers;
• learn all about ways and strategies to remember the spelling;
• spell important key words to do with appointments and time of day like morning, evening, afternoon, tonight, tomorrow, yesterday – spell them correctly and with confidence;
• use Look Say Cover Write Check method to learn spellings you find difficult;
• and much much more. 

Each Module has a video lesson with spelling tests, explanation of how to remember the spellings, why the spelling is the way it is and pronunciation vs spelling.
Module 1 – days

Module 2 – months
Module 3 – important words around appointments and dates
Module 4 numbers 1 – 10
Module 5  numbers 11 – 20
Module 6 numbers 20+
Module 7 ordinal numbers 1st, 2nd, 3rd…


Teachers – the videos are ideal for playing on a Smartboard. Each is a self-contained lesson. 

I had to write and show my appreciation, thank you so much for an excellent program. It’s fun and highly enjoyable and I’m happier about my spelling…”
Clay, UK

I love your lessons, when I have a day off I watch your videos on Youtube and of course do this course !Thanks again…”
Michael S, USA
Thank you so much for this course, my spelling is really bad it holds me back from a lot of things because it can be embarrassing now I feel better about spelling and writing… Thanks again…”
N, Jamaica

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